Have fun and quickly learn how to ballroom dance. 5 dance lessons for $125!

Your Introductory Special. 5 Sessions

  • Three (3) Lessons with Personal Instruction.
  • One (1) Group Class
  • One (1) Admission to Our Friday Night Parties.

Two can learn for the price of one. This special is good for couples ($125 per-couple, $125 per single)

As a Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio, we set the standard of excellence in dance instruction, each person is unique. Our studio's commitment to our students is to ensure you get what you want out of your dancing. Whether you're a couple looking for an activity to share, or someone who wants to shine like a star on the dance floor, our teaching method makes it fun and easy. Our programs are designed for you.

Contact me about 5 dance lessons for $125:


CODE HINT: uppercase "W", lowercase "d", uppercase "T"

CODE HINT: uppercase "W", lowercase "d", uppercase "T"